Advanced Selenium RC Java

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Target Audience: Intermediate and Senior Java OO Programmers

Selenium is a powerful and dangerous testing tool, whether you are using Se 1 (which leverages the browser Javascript sandbox) or the emerging Se 2 (which drives browsers externally, and natively from the OS). If you are writing Selenium RC Java code right now, it might suffer from severe brittleness of the kind described here:

In Se 1, you can learn to adopt patterns and practices described here:

By keeping the inherent Domain Specific Languages in your Se 1 Java codebases separate, by keeping the framework code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), and allowing the actual test scenarios to become “wet” in the interest of expressiveness, you can drastically lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your Selenium testing efforts.

This presentation will consist mostly of slide and code presentations, with opportunities for some mob programming of real Se test scenarios. Come prepared to read and write Java code.

Patrick Wilson-Welsh

With over 30 years of professional software development experience, I’ve worn a lot of hats. Over the last 7 years or so I’ve worked as an agile consultant, specializing in building development teams, and training and mentoring them in agile development and agile testing practices. I’ve worked mostly in Java. Currently focusing on Storytesting as a struggling agile practice meme.

In the past I’ve also been an entrepreneur, producer, project manager, composer, and sound designer for award-winning games and multimedia titles for CD-ROM and the web. I’ve been a user interface designer for interactive television. I spent my first ten years in software as a technical writer, marketing writer, and manager of writers. Writing, speaking, teaching, mentoring, community-building, recruiting, and selling are what I am best at, however diligently I work at the craft of programming, which I certainly do.