What Riding the Apache Camel can do to make integration easier for you

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Apache Camel is getting more and more attraction in the open source
space as an integration framework.

For that reason this talk is about how integration can be made much easier, flexible and accessible for developer by implementing Apache Camel. Hear why popular open source projects such as Akka, Activiti, Drools, Grails, Play, ServiceMix, Smooks and various ESB servers have chosen to integration Camel out of the box in their distributions.

We start from the beginning, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ Apache Camel got started.
Then we see the influence of the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) has upon Apache Camel.
Showing how this applies in practice with easy to understand examples, highlighting the simplicity and power of Apache Camel. Integrating becomes literally as simple as building routes in ‘lego style’ by wiring together EIP patterns, processes and transports. This is done using the Camel DSL, which comes in multiple flavors such as Java, XML, Groovy and Scala.

We then give you an overview of the other features Apache Camel provides out of the box and as well
which option you have for running your Apache Camel applications.

We check out what Camel tooling exists, such as the Fuse Developer for Camel.

Then we move on to learn some of the recent additions to the latest
Camel version. As well as peeking into what we have on the roadmap for the 3rd Camel generation.

After this we shift focus to cover the Camel community showing the
rising popularity of Apache Camel. As well as touching other open source projects which leverage Apache Camel in any way.

Claus Ibsen

Claus Ibsen is a software engineer and integration specialists from FuseSource (http://fusesource.com/). Claus is project lead on the open source integration framework Apache Camel (http://camel.apache.org) and co-author of the “Camel in Action” book (http://www.manning.com/ibsen).

Claus is the most active contributor to Apache Camel and is very active in the Camel community. He hang out on the Camel mailing lists, irc-room and often blogs about Camel.

At FuseSource he leads the development of Camel and provides consulting and support to customers.
Claus is frequent speaker at FuseSource community day events on subjects related to Camel. Claus spoke at Devoxx 2010 as well.

Prior to joining FuseSource, Claus has worked with integration in all sorts for the last decade.