How to Run a Successful open source project

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Have you ever wanted to take your application development project, open source it, and leverage the talents and enthusiasm of an active, volunteer, open source community? The model of open source software development has now entered the mainstream and the business, technical, financial and social benefits of open source have become increasingly appealing for traditionally more conservative organizations. In particular many organizations are looking at open source from a cost saving perspective in today’s difficult economic climate.

Martijn will take you through his first-hand experience about how to run a long lasting and vibrant open source project. Project managers, application architects and developers alike will learn:

* Benefits of open sourcing an internal project, application or framework
* How to set up your technical infrastructure for open source collaboration
* How to manager your social and political infrastructure
* How to deal with licensing, patents and copyright issues
* How to convince the corporate stakeholders to go open source
Martijn Verburg

Traveller, open source and Java advocate, London JUG co-organiser, UK Graduate Developers co-organiser, moderator on the Javaranch, Community leader for Ikasan EIP and PCGen, upcoming author of “The Well-Grounded Java Developer”, speaker, beer drinker, whiskey drinker, you see where this is going?…