Tail Recursion, Trampolines and Continuations - taking functions to the max

Skill Level:

This is a fairly advanced talk about some of the more ambitious things you can do in a functional language (closures are just the beginning). It deals with the quite tricky subject of continuations by sneaking up on it by incremental steps building on single function tail recursion, multiple function tail recursion with trampolines, and then on to the continuations compiler plugin and support libraries in Scala.

Dick Wall

Dick Wall is a software engineer and has been a Java developer for over 15 years, more recently gaining an interest in the Scala language and now working primarily in Scala as well as teaching it as a part of his enterprise with Bill Venners: Escalate Software - http://www.escalatesoft.com

In addition Dick works for Locus Development, a company doing genetic risk research, and finds time to co-host the Java Posse podcast -http://www.javaposse.com - and run the local Scala developer’s group BASE (the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts - http://svscala.org).

Dick also enjoys road and mountain biking, riding his motorcycle, hiking, and lots, and lots, of music.