TorqueBox: The beauty of Ruby with the power of JBoss

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The power of JBoss is now available through the expressiveness of Ruby. More and more projects are suited to new technologies and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

Using TorqueBox, an organization can leverage their knowledge, investment, skills, and trust in JBoss, while exploring the cutting edge of new development models.

TorqueBox supports any Rack-based web framework, including Ruby on
Rails and Sinatra. Rubyists now get excellent and time-tested Java components such as HornetQ, Infinispan and Quartz using familiar idioms and patterns.

This presentation will cover general Ruby web-framework support and introduce the use of enterprise
JBoss services with only a few lines of Ruby.

Bob McWhirter

Bob McWhirter has been involved in open-source for over a decade, including founding the Codehaus and the Jaxen, Drools, and Groovy projects. He’s taken a shine to Ruby in the past few years, and is currently trying to make it more enterprisey.