An Introduction to NoSQL

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NoSQL (or NOSQL or Not Only SQL) is the moniker given to a new wave of data storage systems that have emerged within the past few years. It is often criticized for being too broad a category, but after thirty years of the relational database being the instinctive choice for data storage, publicizing the concept that One Size Does Not Fit All is a good thing. This talk will present an introduction to the systems and discuss the design patterns and tradeoffs commonly seen.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson has been wrangling data for 20 years, more recently building and using non-relational data stores. He works as a solution architect, assisting clients in their use of MapR’s technology-leading Hadoop distribution. Previously, Brad has worked on a large-scale video-on-demand platform, smart grid analytics, a real-time audience participation platform, helped Cloudant build their hosted NoSQL offering based on CouchDB, and organized the NoSQL East 2009 conference in Atlanta.