Cheryl Spruce

Cheryl Spruce


Cheryl Spruce – Senior Product Manager, The Home Depot CSM, SaFE Agilist, PMP, Certified Agile Leader, 25+ years supporting Information Technology

Cheryl has been with The Home Depot for 6 years. In my current role, I am leading IT Enterprise Architecture in transformation and adoption of product management.

Previously, held roles as a Software Engineer, Project and Program Manager, Agile Transformation Change Agent and Agile Coach. My passion is to help teams improve and gain knowledge and experience for growth.
When outside of work, Cheryl likes to play tennis at the competitive level and visit with my family in Oregon and New York.

The Power of Story Telling for Technical Products
Once upon a time...APIs are products too and they follow a user journey just like other products. All products need stories that help us empathize with tour "user" even if your user is a system or another consumer. Come along so I can show you how master your art of story telling for your product!