David Delabassée

David Delabassée


David is a Developer Advocate in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Prior to that, he was involved in Oracle’s Serverless initiatives. David has also been heavily involved in Java EE 8 and its transition to the Eclipse Foundation as part of the Jakarta EE initiative.

Over the years, David has championed Java extensively throughout the world, by presenting at conferences and user groups, large and small. He blogs at https://delabassee.com and has authored many technical articles for various publications.

David lives in Belgium. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as domotics, electronics, and pinballs.

Java 11 to 18 Hands on workshop
The features released between Java 11 and Java 18 have brought many opportunities for developers to improve application development productivity as well as code expressiveness and readability.In this hands-on session, you will discover all the recent Project Amber features added to the Java language such as Records (including Records serialization), Pattern Matching for `instanceof`, switch expression, sealed classes, and hidden classes. You will also have the ability to test some of the newer APIs introduced in the JDK (ex. UDS). In addition, this lab will also touch on some newer tools (ex. jwebserver) and features introduced recently in the JDK (ex. serialization filter).Attend this Hands-on Lab to understand what JDK 18 brings to developers, and make sure to bring your laptop!