Reviving the Java Community: Insights from JUG Leaders Worldwide

Track: JUG Leaders Summit
In recent years, the Java Community has faced somewhat of a paradox. While Java technology itself has grown and the number of online resources has skyrocketed, local Java User Groups (JUGs) have seen disruptions, with in-person meetings and activities coming to a halt, participation dropping, and even leaders losing interest. In this interactive session, we'll explore strategies to revive the community's spirit. So we can all embrace and celebrate Java's technical advancements. Join us for an open conversation based on in-depth discussions with JUG leaders from around the world. We'll discuss their experiences, the challenges they've encountered, and the innovative solutions they've adopted. As we come together as a community, we'll address important questions: What role do leaders and organizations play in this revival? How can we collectively reenergize our local communities and celebrate the ongoing evolution of the Java ecosystem? This presentation aims to inspire action and motivate us all to revive this community we love.
Bruno Souza
Since 1995, Bruno helps Java developers design amazing careers and work on cool projects with great people! Java Evangelist and a Java Champion, Bruno is the founder and President of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society. He also represents the group on the JCP Executive Committee. Bruno discusses Java and the Developer Career in the project.
Elder Moraes
Elder helps Java developers to build and deliver secure, available, and fast server-side applications. He is a published author of six books and a board member at SouJava, one of the biggest JUGs in the world. As a Developer Advocate, Elder shares experiences and best practices through online content and at international events like JavaOne, The Developers Conference, QCon, Oracle Code One, Campus Party, and Devnexus.