Minimum CD (Continuous Delivery) - Road from “fake” CD to minimum CD and beyond...

Track: Agile

The book Accelerate states, “Continuous delivery improves both delivery performance and quality, and also helps improve culture and reduce burnout and deployment pain.” Those of us who work this way know this is true and that CD is a powerful tool for organizational improvement. However, this is only true if we are really doing continuous delivery. Many aren’t.

In this lecture we will be presenting the anti-patterns we’ve seen when teams and organizations use incorrect definitions of CD. We’ll also discuss how beer and frustration together in a virtual bar resulted in several of us self-forming around the problem of helping more people to fix it.

Bryan Finster

Value Stream Architect for Defense Unicorns. A passionate advocate for and practitioner of continuous delivery who knows from experience that CD improves outcomes for the end-user, the organization, and for the teams implementing it. Deploy more and sleep better.

Istvan Bathazi

Experienced Lead Software Engineer and DevOps Advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Enterprise Architecture, JAVA EE, Core JAVA and Software Development. Strong engineering professional graduated from University of South Carolina.