Measuring the Impact of Software Craft

Track: Agile

At the business level it’s hard to effectively measure the quality of software. We start quality initiatives and they don’t always work and we’re hard press to understand why. Our code coverage went up, our time to market decreased yet we’re still finding issues that slow us down. Time To Market is just one aspect of measuring speed. In this talk tie in delivery techniques to metrics and how business can use these metrics to shape their software craft transformations.

Ben Scott

Ben Scott is a software craft evangelist. He’s led several teams over the years with a big emphasis on changing the delivery mindset to one where quality matters over speed. He has experience in large enterprises, primarily in Fintech but with some exposure to Insuratech. He has also helped startups improve their Time To Market.

Ben now leads the Software Practice for Ippon Technologies, a consulting firm based in Richmond Va with offices in DC and NY City.