Yes, Your Applications are Under Attack: Protecting each step of the development lifecycle


Your developer supply chain is constantly under attack, from the download of vulnerable components, to the licensing and governance of those components, all the way through monitoring their use in the production environment. In this workshop/lecture, Maury Cupitt will look at each phase of the development lifecycle and show how to protect each of those phases using the Nexus Platform.

Maury Cupitt

Maury Cupitt has spent the last 20+ years in enterprise software working with early-stage startups and large enterprises to help position the value of their technology and make customers successful. He’s worked at Netscape, AvantGo, Tasktop, CA Technologies, and BlueStripe working with customers to solve challenges and advise on strategic solutions. Maury has an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoys wearing many hats, and has a passion for making software work better. Outside of software, Maury has worked on Broadway, is a pilot, enjoys amateur radio, tinkers with Raspberry Pis, teaches shooting sports, and loves DIY projects at home.