Domain Driven Design Workshop

Track: Workshops

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) can be used to accelerate your strategic initiatives and gain a competitive advantage. Instead of trying to solve real strategic software initiatives by throwing technology at the problem, emphasis should be placed on treating software development as a craft by embracing software design that works within the framework of agile processes. This 8-hr workshop is best suited for mid-level developers and above, who are interested in software craftsmanship and learning domain modeling using the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach. If your organization is looking towards a future with micro-services, consider this workshop an essential foundation. This is a hands-on workshop. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in workshop exercises and write source code that includes implementing multiple interacting micro-services, as DDD Bounded Contexts, that are event-driven.

The goal of this workshop is to become more familiarized with DDD by freeing your mind from data-driven approaches. We will cover strategic design concepts, such as, Sub-domains, bounded contexts, and context maps, as well as some tactical design concepts, such as, Entities, Value Objects, and Domain events. Finally, we will bring all the parts together to create an application.

Rob Curry

I am a Java, Agile, and Clean Code advocate that is not afraid of databases, RESTful web services, or warm, gooey cookies. I enjoy working with and leading Agile teams to deliver reliable, useful services and applications. My current interests include Domain Driven Design, distributed databases, evolutionary architecture, and micro-services.

Kelly Morrison

Solutions architect/Consultant at Daugherty Business Solutions. Doctorate in Software Engineering from Auburn University, and 25+ years of professional experience.

Tony Stuchel

Senior Principal Consultant/Solution Architect at Daugherty Business Solutions with more than 25 years of professional experience.

Steve Fordham

I am a Principal Consultant for Daugherty Business Solutions in Atlanta, where I lead our Software Architecture & Engineering practice I’ve been practicing software development for 35 years, 10 at IBM and the rest in consulting. My experience has been focused on architecting and building complex, mission critical software for Fortune 500 clients. When I’m not working, I like to go for long walks in the north Georgia mountains with my wife April and our one-year-old Great Dane, Molly.

Sharma Vedula

Strategic, focused and business oriented technical leader/Enterprise Architect with 25+ years of success in meeting critical software engineering challenges. Experience working with stakeholders to develop architecture framework that aligns strategy, processes, and IT assets with business.