Advancing AI ubiquity in the enterprise IoT networks

Track: Unobtanium

This talk will focus on Edge Processing by taking advantage of deep learning capabilities of IoT devices as a cluster, by moving away from processing simple sensory data to deriving meaningful reasoning using Java. That is demonstrated by forming a group of intelligent devices as a single unit using 125 Raspberry Pis vs. 500+ GPU cores. This presentation will also explore JVM capabilities on ARM and X86 architectures, as well as large scale data mining on embedded GPUs such as Jetson Xavier and TX2.

Mo Haghighi

IBM DevRel Leader in the UK, former Intel research scientist and Sun Microsystems developer. CS PhD, speak Java, love coffee,live IoT, think AI, breathe Cloud and Foresee Blockchain. Father of 200 Raspberry Pis and 20k GPU cores.