If you want to talk about accessibility issues, we have to consider readability

Track: Practices and Other Tech

The average adult in this country reads only at a 7th - 8th grade level, and when it comes to technical content, a person’s reading level dramatically lowers. In other words, what you are writing on your websites might not be comprehendible by your audience. Find out how to determine the level of your website text and ways to revise to ensure your audience can read and comprehend your content.

Dr. Faith H. Wallace

Web Developer. Professor. Writer. Hogwarts Student. Doctor Who Companion. Okay, so maybe I am not a student at Hogwarts… I am sure I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw! And, maybe I am not a Doctor Who companion… But wouldn’t time traveling in the TARDIS be amazing? I am a former college professor turned web developer with the goal of making teaching and learning code more accessible.