Becoming the first Java 11 certified developer

Track: Workshops

Oracle offers a steeply discounted rate on certification exams like the OCA and OCP if you take them during the beta period. In this workshop, I’ll be teaching exam topics (including those from Java 9/10/11) and helping attendees get hands on practice with certification type questions and coding. While it isn’t possible to be ready for the test in just a day, we’ll have covered some of the hardest parts and you’ll have a plan to be ready. Even if you don’t intend to take the test, this is an opportunity to get familiar with some of the trickier aspects of some of the new Java features.

Jeanne Boyarsky

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote Sybex’s hugely popular Java 8 OCA/OCP certification books. She is in the process of updating them for Java 11. She is a Java developer with 16 years experience and volunteers with a FIRST robotics team.  In 2018, she spoke at DevNexus, JavaOne and QCon.  Jeanne is a Distinguished Toastmaster which involves giving over 50 public speeches. For more on Jeanne’s professional experience:, see