Christian Posta


Christian Posta (@christianposta) is a Chief Architect of cloud applications at Red Hat and well known in the community for being an author (Microservices for Java Developers, O’Reilly 2016), frequent blogger, speaker, open-source enthusiast and committer on various open-source projects. Christian has spent time at web-scale companies and now helps companies create and deploy large-scale, resilient, distributed architectures - many of what we now call Microservices. He enjoys mentoring, training and leading teams to be successful with distributed systems concepts, microservices, devops, and cloud-native application design.

An eventful journey from enterprise integration to serverless
As technology evolves, we’re seeing new ways of connecting applications and services with more options for economically efficient approaches. In this talk we help you understand how event-driven architectures continue to evolve in a cloud-native and containerized world, by comparing and contrasting enterprise integration, event-driven microservices, data streaming and serverless.
The next evolution of microservices patterns with Istio Mesh
With microservices architectures, we’re making more network calls and need to do more integration to get our system to work; this creates more ways for our applications to break and cause failures to propagate much faster. We need a way to call our microservices and be resilient to distributed systems failures — as a first-class implementation. Netflix OSS, Stubby, Finalge, et al were the first-generation of implementations to solve these problems. We'll see in this talk how Istio service mesh is the next evolution of solutions to these problems.